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Hardy Lightweight Reels

So what do you get? A precision click check that really protects light tippets.

Strength from the high-grade aluminum and durability from the anodising process. For 2010, Hardy offers fou different sizes – the Flyweight, the Featherweight, the LRH Lightweight and the NEW Princess. Easy-to-change spools, available in two to seven weight options, simply the classic reel on small streams worldwide.

The Lightweight Series reels are simply gems of simplicity. They have been on the market now for a shade less than half a century and during that time they have sold huge numbers worldwide. And they’re still selling. You just can’t improve on their simplicity and their classic design. They were designed to be the perfect reel on small waters and they remain leaders in that role. We’ve hardly changed anything on the reel because we haven’t needed to. The models made in the 1950s were as near perfection as you can get and they’ve never really been bettered.

Now machined from barstock aluminium

Hard anodised for extra strength and durability

Classic lightweight design, starting at just 2 5/8 ounces

Wide ranging click check

Easy to change spools

hardy_lightweight.jpg Hardy Featherweight Reel
$249.00 $189.00 On Sale!
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT4 + 40m
~ WF5 + 55m
Diameter: 2.87" (73mm)
Weight: 3.37oz (97g)