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Accessories - Strike Indicators

thingamabobber.jpg Thingamabobber Indicator
Thingamabobber fly-fishing strike indicators help you easily detect strikes.

thingamabobber_jam_stop.jpg Thingamabobber Indicator w/Jam-Stop
Thingamabobber Strike Indicators float naturally and stay in place.
Multi-Color 5 packs

fishpimp_indicators_sm.jpg Fish Pimp Indicators
  • 30% lighter than other foam indicators
  • Easy to apply and remove, and are reusable
  • 6 Fish Pimp® / tube

  • fishpimp_mini_indicators_sm.jpg Fish Pimp Mini Indicators
  • Designed for nymphing calm waters or for areas where fish spook easily.
  • 6 Mini Fish Pimp® / tube

  • ai_football_indicator.jpg Lightning Strike Football Foam Indicators
    Fl. Football with contrasting Fl. Gasket produces bi-visible effect.
    4 per package. Instructions included
    Size: Small

    ai_strikeindicator.jpg Lightning Strike Footbal Foam Indicators w/Pegs
    Aerodynamic shape. High visibility Fl colors. Pegs included
    6 per package
    Size: Small

    loon_i_bioglow.jpg Loon Bio-Glow
    Night fishing has never been easier. With Loon’s Glow-in-the-Dark Biostrike, we make it that much easier to catch fish in the dark.
    1 oz.

    loon_i_biostrike.jpg Loon BioStrike
    Reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.
    1 oz.

    froghair_ezon.jpg Frog Hair EZ-On Strike Indicators
    Single Use
    EZ-ON Indicators are designed for single use application. Manufactured with “built in” retainers, these are the perfect choice for the angler who knows that he or she will be “bottom bouncing” all day. Attractive package contains 6 individual indicators, 3 high visibility orange and 3 two-tone.

    froghair_ultimateindicator.jpg Frog Hair Ultimate Strike Indicators
    Ultimate Indicators are designed for reuse after each application. Utilizing separate retainers, these indicators can be used time and time again. Attractive package contains 3 individual indicators, 1 high visibility orange and 2 in the two-tone configuration.

    ai_indicator_yarn.jpg Lightning Strike Bio-Indicator Yarn
    All natural biodegradable yarn pre-treated with high floating "Water-Shed".
    3' per package. Instructions included

    froghair_indicator_retainers.jpg Frog Hair Indicator Retainers
    Replacement elastic positioning retainers for use with Frog Hair Ultimate Indicators. Can be used as a stop for other floats or indicators (size dependent). Insert 2" of line through the loop of the wire threader and while holding the retainer, pull it thorugh with the retainer ring.
    36 retainers per pack