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Scott Tidal Fly Rods

Meet the All New Tidal
Choosing a fly rod to fish the world’s saltwater species clearly isn’t the easy way. It’s the Hard Way. But, for those of us who pursue this challenge, the rewards come from our methods as much as our results.

We designed the new Tidal saltwater fly rods to make the challenges a little less, well... challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke, and have ample power to control hard fighting fish.

Like all Scott fly rods, they’re handcrafted start to finish in our Colorado workshop by skilled rod builders using the best materials available. Tidal rods come in models to cover any species or situation you’ll encounter on the flats or open waters.

Take the new Tidal series fly rods on your next saltwater adventure. They’ll make the Hard Way a bit easier… and might even make your guide smile, too.

~ ARC - Scott is the leader in composite blank reinforcement. Our latest Advanced Reinforced Carbon adds hoop strength and counteracts torque which significantly increases casting accuracy and line control.

~ Natural Finish - Creating a natural finish blank requires exacting tolerances, more care, and shows off the beauty of graphite. The Scott natural finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable and better performing.

~ Multi-Modulus - Scott pioneered multi-modulus lay-up in blank design. We’re able to precisely control stiffness along the length of the rod to build rods that load and unload more smoothly.

~ Made in USA - Every Scott rod is handcrafted, beginning to end, in our shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who understand fly rods. Isn’t it better to know who built your rod?

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Scott Tidal 907/4 Fly Rod
7 Weight
4 Piece
Bonefish, schoolie stripers, and redfish beware. The Tidal 7 weight is the perfect tool to deliver flies to these saltwater favorites. This rod generates very high line speed and tight loops to deliver smaller flies accurately at any distance and to quickly land speedy fish.
Lines: SA Mastery Saltwater WF7F, Rio Bonefish WF7F, Airflo Ridge Bonefish WF7F

Scott Tidal 908/4 Fly Rod
8 Weight
4 Piece
The all around work horse of our Tidal saltwater series, this rod will handle most saltwater situations easily and effectively. It casts a wide variety of fly sizes, and is powerful enough to handle any bonefish, most permit, stripers, smaller jacks and inshore species.
Lines: SA Mastery Saltwater WF8F, Rio Bonefish WF8F, Airflo Ridge Bonefish WF8F

Scott Tidal 909/4 Fly Rod
9 Weight
4 Piece
When fish size, fly size or weight start to climb, reach for the Tidal 9 line rod. There is a noticeable jump in power over the 8 line rod both for casting big flies and controlling hard running and fighting fish.
Line: SA Mastery Saltwater WF9F, Rio Bonefish WF9F, Airflo Ridge Bonefish WF9F

Scott Tidal 9010/4 Fly Rod
10 Weight
4 Piece
Choose this rod to target Keys permit, bull redfish, big stripers, and smaller trevally and tarpon. This is a big game class rod designed to deliver large bulky flies and for pulling hard on fish that pull back.
Lines: SA Mastery Saltwater WF10F, Rio Permit WF10F, Airflo Ridge Bonefish WF10F / Airflo Ridge Tarpon WF10F

Scott Tidal 9012/4 Fly Rod
12 Weight
4 Piece
Tarpon, trevally, and offshore species are easily hadled with the Tidal 12. The rod of choice when raw power is the most important factor in your fishing success.
Lines: SA Tarpon WF12F, Rio Tarpon WF12F, Airflo Ridge Tarpon WF12F