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Thomas & Thomas Rods

Rods for Streams

Aeros !
Medium+ action, 3-5wt
Rods for Rivers

SSS Salmon & Steelhead
Moderate/Fast action, 7-8wt

Spire !
Fast action, 3-8wt

Fast action, 5-8wt
Rods for the Salt

Fast action, 6-12wt

Rods for Two Hands

DNA Switch
Medium Fast action, 4-8wt

DNA Trout Spey
Medium Fast action, 3-5wt

DNA Spey
Classic Progressive Action, 5-10wt

Extra Fast action, 7-9wt

Extra Deep Action, 7-8wt
Rods with Heart and Soul - Bamboo & Glass

Bamboo, 3-9wt

Fiberglass, 3-5wt

Classic Bamboo
Bamboo, 3-6wt
NEW TECHNOLOGY - We’ve been busy behind the scenes as well. Recent upgrades to the equipment in our rod shop have enabled us to take advantage of the latest, cutting-edge graphite composite materials, which — along with new rod designs — make our product launches for the 2016 tackle year especially exciting. The new materials not only bring marked advances in performance and durability, but our new process also enhances the feel of the blank, with an improved connection between angler and fly, for a rod that truly feels like an extension of the arm.

From RIO:

The "A" rating is for more experienced casters, or for casters that like to cast off the tip of the rod. It is also a good choice for longer rods and wider rivers where the caster can carry the whole head length of the line outside the rod (55 feet in the case of most WindCutters). The "B" rating is for less experienced casters, and for casters that like to feel a deeper load in the rod. It is also a good choice for coping with tough winds, or using larger flies.