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Renzetti Presentation 2000 Cam Vises

Renzetti took the best elements of the Traveler series and upgraded them to take this vise to the next level. The Presentation 2000 features Renzetti's patented adjustable jaw hinge (as in the P4000), allowing tiers to achieve true rotary action and hold hooks from 28 to 4/0 with one jaw and one adjustment. The stem is hinged as in the Master. In addition, it's completely anodized for a more durable finish. The highly versatile Presentation 2000 is like no other vise, and will quickly have you appreciating the beauty of true rotary.

All are MADE in the USA!

The Presentation 2000 is Renzetti's latest in their vise selections. It won the Ka-Ching Award at the 2006 FlyFishing Retailer World Trade Expo.

renzetti_p2002_presentation_2_clamp.jpg Renzetti Presentation 2000 Cam Vise - C-Clamp Model
Standard Clamp opens from 3/4" to 2 1/2"
8" Stainless Steel stem
Weight: 3 lbs

renzetti_p2004_presentation_2_pedestal.jpg Renzetti Presentation 2000 Cam Vise - Pedestal Base Model
Black powdered coated 6 x 6 x 1/2 base (2 pockets)
Stem support
7" stainless steel stem
Weight: 6 lbs

renzetti_p2006_presentation_2_swpedestal.jpg Renzetti Presentation 2000 Cam Vise - Deluxe Saltwater Pedestal Base Model
Black Anodized Alum 6 x 6 x 1/2" base (3pockets)
6" stainless steel stem
Weight: 7 lbs

renzetti_x8066_cam_jaw_p2000.jpg Renzetti Presentation Cam Jaw Assembly
Standard Cam Jaw Assembly for Presentation 2000 series
for hooks #28 - 4/0
Will also fit on Traveler

renzetti_x8084_cam_midge_jaw_p2000.jpg Renzetti Midge Cam Presentation Jaw Assembly
Midge Cam Jaw Assembly for Presentation 2000 series
for hooks #28 - 2
Will also fit on Traveler. Same jaw as the Traveler with an anodized aluminum cam handle. Limited warranty.

renzetti_x8113_standard_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Standard Pedestal Base
Made of cast zinc, then powder coated black
Includes 7" Stainless steel stem
6 x 6 x 1/2" base with with 2 pockets
Standard anodized aluminum stem support, a large stem lock knob and a protective pad under.
Designed for Presentation 2000

renzetti_x8064_standard_c_clamp.jpg Renzetti Standard C-Clamp
Opening from 3/4" to 2.5"
Comes with a 8" Stainless Steel stem
for P2000

Renzetti Spare Parts Kit
For P2000 & C4000
Just in case you lose one of those small but necessary pieces...
Includes O-rings, Screws, Springs, Jaws Ball Bearing

renzetti_x8082_clouser_minnow_arm.jpg Renzetti Clouser Minnow Arm
The Clouser Minnow Arm is designed to tie longer streamers and still use the cam style jaws
All anodized aluminum, made in the USA.
For P2000

renzetti_x8083_spinning_attachment.jpg Renzetti Spinning Attachment
Allows spinning of the vise with finger tips or the palm of the hand.
For P2000

renzetti_x8063_deluxe_saltwater_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Deluxe Saltwater Pedestal Base
Aluminum base hard anodized with 3 large pockets, engraved Renzetti logo, and protective pad.
with stem X8063 for Master, Presentation 3000 or 4000
X8060 without stem (for any vise) - add stem support & appropriate stem separately

renzetti_x9007_jaw_orings.jpg Renzetti Jaw O-Ring
5 per pkg

renzetti_x8006_material_clip.jpg Renzetti Material Clip
A Material Clip is a must to any rotary vise. It allow you to keep the tying material away from the front of the hook while working on the fly.
Fits all Presentation Series Vises, all Travelers and Saltwater Traveler 2200 Series Vises.

renzetti_x8005_saltwater_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Pedestal Base
Zinc base powder coated with a saltwater stem support & 6" Stainless steel stem, 2 pockets, and protective pad.
Required for Extended Body Attachment
For Presentation 3000 & 4000 series. Standard on Masters

renzetti_x8019_bobbin_cradle.jpg Renzetti Bobbin Cradle
Used to support the Bobbin thread between tying operations. The Renzetti Bobbin Cradle is adjustable and easily removed while not using it. It is also a must while rotary tying.
Made of Anodized Aluminum. Comes standard on all Traveler Series

  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • hinged rotary head and shaft for more versatility
  • Ratcheted crank arm
  • Advance rotary actuator(the independent positioning of the fly crank arm affords total versatility in all rotary functions)
  • Bobbin cradle
  • Military Spec anti-corrosion coating on jaws and jaw housing
  • Stainless Steel stem