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Patagonia Packs & Bags

patagonia_pack_stormfront_rolltop_boat_bag Patagonia Stormfront Rolltop Boat Bag !
The Stormfrontฎ Roll Top Boat Bag features fully welded construction and a roll top closure; ideal for dry storage and transporting extra gear/electronics to and from the water.
47 L (2,868 cu in)
1165 g (41.1 oz)

patagonia_pack_stormfront_sling Patagonia Stormfront Sling 20L !
A completely welded 100% waterproof sling pack designed for versatility and world-class performance.
20 L (1,220 cu in)
652 g (23 oz)

patagonia_pack_stealth_atom_sling Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling 15L !
A versatile sling pack that provides functional performance for anglers looking for a vest alternative.
15 L (915 cu in)
623 g (22 oz)

patagonia_pack_vest_front_sling Patagonia Vest Front Sling Pack !
The best of a traditional fishing vest combined with a minimalist sling pack.
8 L (488 cu in)
433 g (15.3 oz)

patagonia_pack_stormfront_30pack_sm Patagonia Stormfront Waterproof Roll Top Pack 30L !
A simple, performance-driven waterproof pack that offers extreme weather protection for any outdoor activity.
30 L
807 g (28.5 oz)