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Greys XF2 T Double Handed Rods

A versatile double-handed rod for those who like casting, or fishing in rivers which favour the use of a full line. Provides performance at short as well as longer range, a much overlooked yet very important factor when choosing a fishing rod.

The XF2 T Series rods are fuller flexing and more classic in design with longer handles and traditional ringing patterns. The blanks perform best with medium to longer head Spey lines and upper hand dominant casting styles. The deeper flex of these rods gives an efficient yet very user-friendly action.

During development of the XF2 T Series and S Series, super high speed photography was used to optimise the ringing patterns on these new rods, to get the most from lines when casting.

  • Traditional action perfectly complements casting full length floating, intermediate, or sinking lines
  • High intermediate modulus carbon composite
  • Progressive and full flexing action with so much in reserve; extremely user friendly when matched with Spey lines of the recommended specification
  • Hard lined Chrome Kigan butt guides with single leg hard chrome snake intermediates and round tips
  • Custom 6061 Bronze anodised alloy reel seat with champagne spacer
  • Medium olive blank with light olive and gold detail
  • AAA grade cork handle with multi composite cork in wear points
  • 2-part shaped traditional Spey style handle
  • Triangular colour coded Cordura rod tube with internal dividers
  • New T Series ringing pattern
  • Greys XF2 T Double Handed 12' #7 4pc Rod
    Weight: 7.7 oz
    Handle: TPSF

    Greys XF2 T Double Handed 13' #8 4pc Rod
    Weight: 8.9 oz
    Handle: TPSF

    Greys XF2 T Double Handed 14' #9 4pc Rod
    Weight: 9.5 oz
    Handle: TPSF

    Greys XF2 T Double Handed 15' #10 4pc Rod
    Weight: 10.5 oz
    Handle: TPSF

    Greys XF2 T Double Handed 16' #11 4pc Rod
    Weight: 12.1 oz
    Handle: TPSF