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Accessories - Zingers, Reels, & Retractors

fishpond_360retractor.jpg aFishpond 360 degree Swivel Retractor
Patented “push button” locking pin-mount mechanism, this retractor swivels 360-degrees, so your accessories and coil are not pinned down when you really need them facing up or even sideways.

simms_acc_retractor.jpg Simms Retractor
Dig less, fish more, and keep imperative tools primed for action via Simms’ new and improved injection molded Retractor®. Attachment stems from a stainless steel pin that’s compatible with all Simms waders and packs, while the rugged PE coil extends the reach of your nippers, pliers, and tippet spools to about two feet.
Dimensions - 3.75" x .625"

Dr. Slick Clip-On-Reel
Updated cord for 2013
  • Steel Cord

  • Dr. Slick Pin-On-Reel
    Updated cord for 2013
  • Steel Cord

  • dr_slick_gadget_reel_clipon_plastic.jpg Dr. Slick Clip-On-Reel
  • Nylon Cord
    Available in:
  • Green - "D" Ring (RPD)

  • abel_zinger.jpg Abel Zinger !
    Overall Length: 1.75"
    Overall Width: 1.3"
    Depth: 0.59"
    Multi Attachment system

    gear_keeper_6oz_pliers.jpg Gear Keeper - 9-oz Force Deluxe Gear Tether
    Medium force originally designed for pliers.

    gear_keeper_wading_staff.jpg Gear Keeper - 9-oz Force Retractor Wading Staff Keeper
    Keeps the staff handle at your side – away from your fishing line, but easily accessible when you need it.

    gear_keeper_locking_net_12oz.jpg Gear Keeper - Locking 12-oz Force Net / Wading Staff Retractor
    Great for Landing Nets, Wadings Staffs, and 15# Bogas.

    gear_keeper_boga.jpg Gear Keeper - Locking 24-oz Force Boga 30#
    Protect your expensive Boga Grip!

    gear_keeper_super_zinger_micro_gear_keeper.jpg Gear Keeper - Micro 2.5-oz Force Super Zinger
    This unit costs a bit more than other zingers but why risk loosing your favorite tool because you saved a few bucks on a zinger that breaks or fails?
    36" reach, Stainless components

    Gear Keeper - Mini 9-oz Force Electronics
    9oz. retractor is perfect for cameras, GPS units, lasers, and range finders.
    25" reach, velcro strap attachment

    gear_keeper_6oz_pliers.jpg Gear Keeper - Mini 6-oz Force Small Tool Keeper
    Medium force originally designed for pliers.

    gear_keeper_qc_split_ring.jpg Gear Keeper Q/C 7/8" Split Ring
    Provides shortest dangle-length. 2 per pack. Quick Connect (Q/C) Standard on most RT2 Series

    gear_keeper_qc_lanyard.jpg Gear Keeper Q/C Lanyard w/ 1" Split Ring
    5" nylon cord with 1" split ring used for larger attachment points; also split ring can be removed and lanyard may be looped and cinched around gear. Quick Connect (Q/C) Standard on most RT2 Series

    gear_keeper_qc2_1inch_split_ring.jpg Gear Keeper Q/C-II 1" Split Ring
    Provides shortest dangle-length. 2 per pack. Quick Connect -II (Q/C-II) Standard on most RT3 Series

    gear_keeper_qc2_lanyard_barrel_lock.jpg Gear Keeper Q/C-II Lanyard w/ Barrel Lock
    5" nylon cord with barrel lock used for looping and cinching around gear or when extra length is needed. Quick Connect -II (Q/C-II) Standard on most RT3 Series

    orvis_premium_mag_zinger.jpg Orvis Premium Magnetic Faced Zinger
    The rugged stainless-steel housing and clip of this fly fishing Zinger won't corrode. Retractable cord. Zinger features a covered pinpoint that prevents accidental pokes. And a magnetic face to help hold flies.

    rio_cnf_acc_2in1_retractor.jpg C&F Design 2-in-1 Retractor w/Fly Catcher
    Holds two small tools on stretchy polyurethane coils. Each coil stretches independently. Also features a strong magnet for temporary storage while changing flies.