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Echo Instructor Rods

590 Seat

7130 Seat
Tim has wanted to do a rod specifically for casting instructors for several years now. Well the Echo team finally cut him loose and let it happen. Taking the lightest, most responsive rods in the Echo family, the Echo3, he painted them white for supreme visibility, added white thread wraps and a cool lazer etched full metal reel seat. These added features have decidedly set them apart from all other rods. All your casting students will now have a solid definition of load and unload by watching the bend in this extremely visible instruction tool. Available in 3 sizes to fit any instructional need, Tim is now a very happy camper.
INSTRUCTOR Rods feature:
  • High modulus slim profile blanks
  • New multi-layer HD cork handles
  • SIC stripper guides
  • Cloth rod sock with rod size label
  • No roll, square, cordura covered rod case
  • HiVis matte white blank
  • White thread wraps
  • Ultra light chrome snake guides
  • Black metal reel seat with Echo Man logo
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Echo lifetime warranty
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    Echo Instructor 590-4
    Line : 5
    Length : 9'0"
    Action: Fast-Ish
    Weight : ~3.2oz
    Handle A
    A #5 weight is probaly the rod that most of us have learnt to cast with. The #5 weight Instructor is based on the 9'0" #5 ECHO 3 FW - but Tim has changed the reel holder and blank colour.

    Echo Instructor 890-4
    Line : 8
    Length : 9'0"
    Action: Fast-Ish
    Weight : ~4.9oz
    Handle B
    The other Rod many of us have learnt to cast on is an #8 Weight. The ECHO3 9'0" #8 Instructor is almost identical to the 9'0" #8 SW, except that it is built on a white blank.

    Echo Instructor 7130-4
    Line : 7
    Window : 450-540gr
    Length : 13'0"
    Action: Fast-Ish
    Weight : ~7oz
    Handle C
    The ECHO 13' 0" #7 2Hand rod has the same parameters as the ECHO 3 13'0" #7 2hander, but like the two rods above Tim has built it on a white blank for more visibility.