Bear's Den 16th Annual Fly Fishing Expo - 25th Anniversary!


Food available to purchase @ the shop! (mexican + american)
Show at the SHOP; Parking at the HOLIDAY INN

No Parking at the store, but there is a FREE shuttle running from the Holiday Inn to the shop non-stop all day. Please don't jeopardize our future shows. There is no parking in or around the shop. PLEASE use our free shuttle to access the show!

With the shop turning 25 this February, Scott is working on throwing a huge party. We're inviting all our friends to join our celebration on February 22 for our annual Fly Fishing Expo.

2014 Show Highlights

LEFTY KREH will be here! He's headlined our shows in the past, and we're thrilled to have him here for our 25th. Take advantage of the KNOT TYING CLASSES if you have a chance. And be sure to catch his seminar at 5pm (here at the shop).
LARRY DAHLBERG visited us back in 2010, and is coming back for more. If you've seen him in his The Hunt for Big Fish, you know how much fun he is to have around. Hang out with him and learn how to tie his Dahlberg Diver before the show at the 8:30am class. Or catch his presentation at 4pm.

Events not to miss!

8:30am - Lefty Kreh Knot Class OR Larry Dahlberg Tying Class OR Bruce Berry ProTube Tying Class (sign-ups below)


10:15am - second Lefty Kreh Knot Class (if you want to do more than one class, or just don't enjoy mornings as much as Lefty)

12 noon - F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour (tickets below) (Mason Amphitheater)

12 noon - Pete Gray @ Featured Tyer Table - everything you always wanted to know about Light Cured Acrylics [LCA's] but were afraid to ask

1pm - Joe Cordeiro @ Featured Tyer Table - Finally get a handle on tying Flatwings

2pm - Bruce Berry @ Featured Tyer Table - ProTube makes tube flies easy

3pm - Iron Man Tying Competition - Own bragging rights for at least a year (sign-up below)

4pm - Larry Dahlberg @ Featured Tyer Table - the Dahlberg Diver is a must have in your fly box

5pm - Lefy Kreh presents "How to Properly Fight Fish"

6pm - Raffle Prizes drawn & show concludes

6:30pm - Wolf Fish Presentation - Origins of the Bimini Twist (Mason Amphitheater)

7:30pm - F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour (tickets below) (Mason Amphitheater)

Thanks to the support of so many companies for helping out with the raffles!


Dick Brown
David Nelson
Robert Lewis - Rob's Realistics
Rich Strolis
Armand Courchaine
Masahito Sato
Ross Kessler
Dave Souza
Samuel Tisdale Society
Northern RI TU
3-TAND Reels
Partridge Of Redditch
Rudy Babikian - Hidden Hook Fly
Aubut Rods
Finn Utility
New England Fly Tyers
Ken Walrath
Rich Connors - Twin Lakes Flies
Leon Piasecki
Brad Buzzie
Bob Popovics
Sheila & Bill Hassan
Ron Lasko
Beulah Rods
Rhody Fly Rodders
Abel Reels
Hatch Reels
UFTRI – United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island
Steve Farrar
Regal Engineering
Mike Rice – Mud Dog Flies
Peggy Brenner
Ted Patlin
Nautilus Reels
Kristen Mustad - Owner Nautilus
Jaime Boyle - Boylermaker Charters
Bob Lamson
Airflo Lines
Bauer Reels
Chota Outdoor Gear
Dr Slick
Scott Rods
Thomas & Thomas Rods
Fred Krowchenko
Justin Sterner
Scientific Anglers
Winston Rods
Waterworks Lamson
Smith Action Optics
Brad Gage
RIO Fly Lines
Tibor Reels
Dave Skok
Taylor Kruse
Crossroad Anglers
Crosby Beane
Pat Cohen
Rich Murphy
Leslie Wrixon
Harrison Brothers
East Branch Outfitters
Pete Gray
Richie Tillman
G. Loomis
Bob Greco
Joe Calcavecchia
Cheeky Fly Reels
Joe Sullivan
CT/RI Coastal Fly Fishers
Dave Loren
Jerry Jahn
United Fly Tyers MA
Pulse Disc
Mike Brucato
Temple Fork Outfitters
Royal Wulff
Doug Cummings - Owner Royal Wulff
Cape Cod Fly Rodders
Connor Quigley
Spirit River
Steve Silvario
Bruce Berry - ProTube
Pro Tube
Joe Cordeiro
James Hodgkins - Owner Pinenook Ridge Outfitters
Michael Mauri - Seele Rods
Bill Murphy - Murphy's Fly Box
Stripers Forever
Dave Cornell
Dick Kondak
Steve Cooke
Chris Jackson
South Eastern MA TU
class_dahlberg.jpg xSaturday February 22, 2014 Larry Dahlberg Tying Class

Larry Dahlberg Tying Class


at the shop

YOU WILL NEED to buy/bring white GSP thread, vise, and tools

Other materials provided.

class_lefty_knot.jpg xSaturday February 22, 2014 Lefty Kreh Knot Class

Lesson from the Master

2 times - small classes

At the shop

10-11am is FULL

protube_class_sm.jpg xSaturday February 22, 2014 Pro Tubefly System Tying Class

Pro Tubefly Systems Demonstration/Class
Presented by: Bear’s Den/ Bruce Berry of Mainstream Outdoors
at the shop
Bruce Berry (Pro Tubefly Systems) is coming out to support our 25th anniversary and will tying/demonstrating Pro Tubeflies most of the day Saturday the 22nd. Opportunity for a pre-funk class is an option (short notice, for those interested) Bruce will provide all Pro Tubes, Pro Weights, Hook Guides, Cones, Cone Discs, Soft Sonic Discs needed for our demo/class day for up to 8 tiers. The packs will have enough for one each fly to be tied (3-4 flies) during class and another to be tied at a later date on your own.
Bring your Traveling tying kit so you have a vise and tools - only the materials will be here for you!

class_iron_man.jpg xSaturday February 22, 2014 Bear’s Den/ Spirit River Iron Man Fly Tying Competition
12 tiers will compete for the IRON MAN FLY TYING TROPHY. The finalists are chosen by the most creative fly tied in the time allotted.
The top 3 tiers will move on to the finals where a tie-off is held to determine the champion.
All 3 finalists will receive trophies, but there is only 1 TITLE.

All materials & tools provided by SPIRIT RIVER. All vises provideed by REGAL VISE. A secret ingredient will be added during the tying competition just to spice things up. FLIES WILL BE JUDGED BY A PANEL OF 3 INDUSTRY EXPERTS

When you click on the link for the contest, check in your cart, its in there.

fly_fishing_film_tour_ticket_taunton.jpg Fly Fishing Film Tour Ticket - Taunton, MA Feb 22
(Holiday Inn 700 Myles Standish Blvd) Taunton MA
We will be MAILING any tickets we can. DON'T wait til the day of the show and hope there's room!!! Only 100 seats this year, so sign up early!

We are NO longer mailing out tickets! You can reserve them now, and pick them up at the door. Please have your order confirmation with you!