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Scott Concepts Fly Rods

Limited Edition Scott Concept rods are built for very specialized fishing needs. If you are pushing the limits with techniques, species or conditions, a Scott Concept rod might be your perfect fishing tool.

Because they are designed and built for a small, focused group of anglers who need a rod for very specific techniques or conditions, Concept rods are usually offered for only a limited time.

This year, be sure to check out the new four piece Muskie-Pike Special designed for cutting edge anglers chasing big predatory fish.

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Scott Concepts - Fiberhammer Two-Hand Assist F1057/4 Fly Rod
7 Weight
4 Piece
7.1 oz.
A glass spey rod? Yes, only from Scott. If you love to swing flies on a rod that loads deeply during the cast and transmits the feel of every fin thrust, this might be your dream rod.

scott_grip_concepts_muskie.jpg Scott Concepts - Muskie-Pike Special 9010/4 Fly Rod
10 Weight
4 Piece
4.4 oz.
We've taken our award winning S4s 9010/4 and modified it for the special needs of muskie and pike fanatics. Fit with a 4 inch fighting butt to make figure 8's at the boat easy, and with a stiffer tip section to turn over the 1/4 chicken that's tied to the hook.
This rod is very powerful yet incredibly light in the hand for smooth easy all day casting.

scott_grip_concepts_nymph.jpg Scott Concepts - Nymph Special 987/4 Fly Rod
7 Weight
4 Piece
4.0 oz.
The rod if you target big trout or steelhead with nymph and indicator rigs, and need to turn over very large yarn indicators, long leaders and fast sinking flies.
The stiff tip helps casts these rigs accurately with an open loop to minimize tangles, and the softer mid section lets you roll cast and stack mend effortlessly.

scott_grip_concepts_bluewater.jpg Scott Concepts - Bluewater BW 8415/3 Fly Rod
15 Weight
3 Piece
8.8 oz.
Scott has led the way in developing fly rods that recognize the unique challenges anglers face when targeting giant fish like tuna, amberjack and billfish in deep open waters.
This Bluewater Special has a fiberglass tip for quick casts, and butt and mid sections built from a hybrid graphite glass composite to apply maximum dead lifting power when fish sound.

Read about Scott's LIFETIME WARRANTY