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Cheeky Fly Reels

Progressive fly fishermen are chasing bigger, faster and more obscure species around the world and in their backyards alike. They demand a superior product. Cheeky Fly Fishing has identified and brought to market exactly what progressive fly fishermen demand: fly reels for every situation, from bluegill to shark, that are incredibly strong, lightweight, and durable, have a giant arbor, a ton of line capacity, and are maintenance free. No other reel with an arbor as large can claim such a drastic strength-to-weight ratio.

cheeky_325_strike Cheeky Strike 325
2-3-4 weights
Trout, Grayling, Bluegill
5.5 oz, 3.25" Diameter, .08" Width
When fishing spring creeks, mountain streams or small ponds, you need every advantage you can get. Easily spooked fish and nasty backcasts are par for the course, but that doesn’t stop you from chasing those elusive small water lunkers. If crawling along a streamside bank sounds like your style, the Strike 325 is designed for you.

cheeky_ambush_375_sm Cheeky Ambush 375
5-6-7 weights
Large Trout, Bass, Small Salmon
6.1 oz, 3.75" Diameter, 1.0" Width
What happens when a field mouse accidentally falls into a trout infested river? Same thing that happens when an ambitious frog swims over a bass nest, it gets violently ambushed by the resident beast beneath the bank. Let’s presume those tempting terrestrials are made of foam and rigged to your Ambush 375 … looks like you’ve scored a match made in heaven.

cheeky_mojo_425_sm Cheeky Mojo 425
7-8-9-10 weights
Targeting Steelhead, Salmon, Carp, Striper, Redfish, Bonefish, Snook
7.0 oz, 4.25" Diameter, 1.1" Width
We have heard a million fly fishing stories. The best ones are not about the biggest fish or the one that got away, but those days when the fish are stacked up like pancakes. Tailing redfish or bonefish as far as the eye can see, schools of stripers ten deep against the rocks, or an epic five fish day on your favorite steelhead or Atlantic salmon river is what the Mojo 425 is all about.

cheeky_thrash_475 Cheeky Thrash 475
10-11-12 weights
Permit, Tarpon, Dorado, Rooster, Cobia, GT
9.6 oz, 4.75" Diameter, 1.3" Width
Almost nothing beats the hero shot after a long fought battle with a monster tarpon. Hell, you’ve earned it … stalking those behemoths is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Cobia, roosterfish? It doesn’t get any easier, unless of course you’re fishing with a reel specifically designed for big game inshore fly fishing like the Thrash 475.

cheeky_dozer_525 Cheeky Dozer 525
12+ weights
Billfish, Shark, Tuna
10.6 oz, 5.25" Diameter, 1.4" Width
Can we start by telling you how HUGE this fly reel is? You would have to be crazy to buy it, but that’s exactly what you are if you’re chasing shark, tuna or billfish on the fly. And guess what? We’re crazy too … crazy enough to design the Dozer 525 specifically for fly fishermen like you.

cheeky_boost_325 Cheeky Boost 325
2-3-4 weights
Trout, Grayling, Bluegill
4.5 oz, 3.25" Diameter, 0.8" Width
Measuring 3.25” in diameter and weighing only 4.5 oz, the Boost 325 is a must have for any small water fly fisherman. Light and compact, it’s easy to pack for a mountain hike yet diesel enough for a destination spring creek. Trout and panfish beware.

cheeky_boost_350 Cheeky Boost 350
5-6 weights
Large Trout, Bass, Small Salmon
5.1 oz, 3.50" Diameter, 1.0" Width
Weighing just 5.1 oz, the 3.5” diameter Boost 350 is light enough to cast all day while still delivering the line capacity, retrieval rate and power you need. Ideal for river, pond and lake applications, the Boost 350 will stop any freshwater lunker that dares to put it to the test.

cheeky_boost_400 Cheeky Boost 400
7-8 weights
Large Trout, Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Carp
7.0 oz, 4.00" Diameter, 1.1" Width
Checking in at 4” in diameter and only 7.0 oz, the Boost 400 is the ultimate all-around reel for larger fresh water applications. Packing away well in excess of 200 yards of backing and retrieving up to 12.5” of line per revolution, the Boost 400 will help you land more fish, period.

cheeky_550_plier Cheeky 550 Pliers
5.5 inches in length and weighing only 1.8 ounces
ergonomically designed belt sheath plus an expandable lanyard

Features and Specifications

Evo Synthetic Drag System: In its evolutionary sealed disk drag system, Cheeky Fly Fishing utilizes an innovative PTFE composite that outperformed Rulon, carbon fiber and cork in testing. Stacked alternating stainless steel and composite discs provide durability, stopping power, heat dissipation and a smooth startup for those blistering runs. The entire drag package is sealed by aerospace grade o-rings, nothing gets in or out, ensuring the drag’s superior performance for the life of the reel.

MAX Arbor: Cheeky Fly Fishing is pushing the limits of large arbor design to the max. The MAX Arbor on all Cheeky Fly Reels reduces line memory and pushes line retrieval rates to a new level.

B2 Channel: Cheeky Fly Reels hold about 30% more line than other large arbor reels. The B2 Channel, a reserve backing bank, increases line capacity dramatically without compromising arbor.

Lightweight: Lighter is better. Why put a heavy reel on that brand new “lightest rod in the world” you just picked up? By eliminating unnecessary metal from its design, Cheeky Fly Fishing has mastered the concept of lightweight, large arbor reels without compromising strength.

Lock Mating System: Cheeky’s mating system allows fly fisherman to change spools quickly by utilizing a hand tightening screw knob that’s durable and secure. Toolbox not required.

Stealth Mode: Cheeky Fly Reels are equipped with an easily removable clicker plate. If you prefer a stealthier approach, just remove the plate.

Simple L/R Retrieve Conversion: No more trips to the fly shop, or worse yet, post office. Changing from left to right hand retrieve is as simple as flipping the bearing in the comfort of your own home.