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Eden Cane Rods

All about Eden Cane

When you're ready, we will be here.

Bear's Den is proud to offer some of the finest hand-made bamboo rods available. Individually crafted by Bernard Ramanauskas, each Eden Cane rod is a work of art.

PLEASE read all details before ordering an Eden Cane rod.


Up/down slide band reel seat will be used on all models
All hardware is blued, all cane flamed.
All rods come with matched tips and an aluminumm case.
Eden Cane warranty is extended to the original owner, and is offered solely at the discretion of Freestone, LLC.

eden_210ysm.jpg Eden Cane 210Y-4
Dry fly please.
We heard the call.
Originally designed for ‘Yamame’ fishing (Japanese ‘Cherry Salmon’), this little sweetheart is a perfect for.
It casts up close with ease, but has power to spare, making this little rod a fantastic ‘Brookie’ buster. The 210 is right at home on any small stream.
210cm 4wt