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Hardy Zane Reels

The standard Zane is anything but standard. It is precision engineered from high-grade aluminium and shares the same glorious looks as the Ti. A reel that reflects the savage beauty of the sea.

The reel is constructed so that you can flush it clean at the end of its working day. The open drag system the reel incorporates mean that the sand, gravel and salt that goes in can just as easily be washed out.

The drag plate is knurled so it is supremely easy to set the drag and make the most minor of adjustments. The Zane reels allow you to preset the maximum drag setting to suit your tippet strength exactly. Once set, the drag can’t be over-tightened to result in a break-off. The reel is well ventilated, partly for lightness but mainly for heat dissipation in the course of the battle.

  • Incredible strength to weight ratio

  • Open drag system allows for easy cleaning

  • Woven Avcarb brake pads

  • Low start up inertia and instant pick-up

  • Large arbor design gives huge backing capacity

  • Ergonomically-designed handle

  • Aerospace grade aluminium construction

  • hardy_zane_sm.jpg Hardy Zane No.0
    Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
  • WF6 + 155m

  • WF7 + 150m

  • Diameter: 3.62" (92mm)
    Weight: 8.92oz (253g)
    Ideal for light bonefish and bass.

    Hardy Zane No.0 Spool

    hardy_zane_sm.jpg Hardy Zane No.1
    Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
  • WF8 + 200m

  • Diameter: 3.75" (95mm)
    Weight: 9.24oz (262g)
    Bigger Bonefish & Bass

    Hardy Zane No.1 Spool

    hardy_zane_sm.jpg Hardy Zane No.2
    Capacity (30lb Gel Spun):
  • WF10 + 300m

  • Diameter: 4.00" (102mm)
    Weight: 9.73oz (276g)
    Permit & small Tarpon

    Hardy Zane No.2 Spool

    hardy_zane_sm.jpg Hardy Zane No.3
    Capacity (30lb Gel Spun):
  • WF12 + 400m

  • Diameter: 4.25" (108mm)
    Weight: 10.33oz (293g)
    Large Tarpon

    Hardy Zane No.3 Spool