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3-TAND Reels



If you know Van Staal or ZeeBaaS, you know me. My name is Rob Koelewyn and I am the original founder and designer of both brands, each known for its superior quality, durability and dependability.

We kicked off 2013 by introduing you to our new line of totally sealed saltwater fly reels, the T-Series. In November we announced the TF-Series, our line of sealed light tackle sealed fly reels. Both series offer fishermen premium tackle, without the premium price.

Over the year we received emails from 3-TAND™ fishermen stating their reel was the smoothest drag ever, and compared our reels to brands that are twice our price. I take great pride in my work and what we are able to now offer the fishermen. My years of engineering and design experience I have in developing products for the fishing, firearms and aerospace industries have allowed us to offer you more, for less.

The passion I have in developing 3-TAND is the same passion I want you to feel in owning one.

Enjoy your new adventures!

Rob Koelewyn
Designer. Engineer. Fisherman.