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xxJesse James Reels

Our goal from the beginning was to design and build fly fishing reels that have a strong foundation and are tool-like in their form and function. Add to that a ton of inspiration from Jesse James and many custom influences from West Coast Choppers, and you have the first of our fly reels.

  • Gun smoke colored spool and the black custom spider web frame which is unique to the Jesse James reel company.
  • The Reel handle, spool release knob and drag adjust knob are all machined aluminum parts.
  • Smooth drag system provides a silent line retrieval and a solid click with out going line.
  • Many cool details on the reel from the Jesse James Signature on the rim of spool to the custom skull spider logo, the Jesse James text on the handle, and the iron cross, have all been laser etched into the aluminum for a long lasting detail.
  • Each Jesse James Reel is thoroughly inspected to assure product function, consistency and quality. The reel is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects in materials and craftsmanship.
  • It is important to note that filling out the warranty card will establish yourself as the original owner of the reel and ensures warranty protection. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the reel and does not cover any type of damage resulting from neglect, normal wear and tear or the misuse of the product.
  • The original owner will be responsible for costs to cover the return, insurance and processing fees on any return shipments. The product must be returned in it's entirety, along with a detailed explanation as to the cause or situation that led to the problem.

    The Jesse James Reel Company was born from a passion for Alaska, fly fishing, and the pursuit of the Alaska Rainbow Trout. This passion provided the desire needed to move forward with the dream of creating The Jesse James reel Co.

    Inspired by the many years of quality designing and workmanship from Jesse James, and Inspiration from the exquisite surroundings and the amazing fish caught on a daily basis, led to the development of a Company that represents two worlds. The rugged, beautiful world in which I live and works in Alaska and the ultra custom world very few people get to experience. The West Coast Choppers inspired styling and the smooth tool-like form and function combined, give you a high quality fly reel that allows the angler to extend their custom living lifestyle to the great outdoors.

    In the two year testing phase for the Jesse James 44 Mag Fly Reels, countless hours have been spent, casting line and swinging flies. Now we are 100% confident in the product we offer to the Angling world. Many photos of our customers fishing their Jesse James Reels are coming in and we appreciate all of the photo’s.

    We like the fact that the Jesse James reels evoke emotion from anglers that own our Fly Reels. WICKED! COOL! BADASS! SICK! are a few words used by Anglers to describe our products. Hearing it, let’s us know we are on the right track.

    Thank you to all of our customers.

    Mark R Mahoric
    Jesse James Reel Company.