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Cortland Backing & Fly Line Extensions

backing_cortland_micron Backing By the Yard - Cortland Micron
Cortland Micron is the standard by which all fly line backing has been judged for over 50 years. World-famous for its tight, round braid, smooth low-friction finish, and stretch-resistant performance, Micron is manufactured from premium Dacron fibers in our New York facility. Unlike looser, flat braids, Micron comes with zero twist, is virtually tangle-free and knots perfectly every time. Ask any fly angler who sees their backing more than most, and they'll tell you they use Micron — every time.

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cortland_spectron_blaclspot_backing_SM Backing Pre-Cut - Cortland Spectron Black Spot
Why is Cortland¹s Spectron considered the best Super Braid in the industry? Our braiding technicians have combined specific critical elements to maintain the optimum number of "picks" per inch for this high performance polyethylene fiber. The result is a time-tested braid that combines low stretch (4%) with small diameter pound/test ratio. The extra limp body is perfect for casting. Its unique slick, hydrophobic nature allows Spectron to slice through the water and come back to you dry!
Spectron Black Spot has won its place as THE hands down favorite trolling and vertical jigging line. Need to pull a big grouper away from a wreck, see the hook on a cod 200 feet down, drag a flathead out of his lair or put the "boots" to a yellow fin? Black Spot¹s got what you need!

Cortland Running / Shooting Line - Float
Size: 0.027" through 0.040"
Type: Float
Core: Braided Nylon Multifilament
Length: 100'
Dual Loops

Cortland 444SL Running / Shooting Line - Float
$59.95 $34.95 On Sale!
Size: 0.027"
Type: Float
Color: Yellow
Core: Nylon Braid
Length: 100'

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cortland_level_sinking_extensions Cortland Level Sinking Extensions
designed for shooting heads, trolling and sink-tips.