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Beulah Blanks - Classic Spey

To fly fish and not have used a Spey rod is to be missing out on a large part of the heritage and history of the sport. The ease and efficiency of covering water make spey fishing a must try for any avid angler. If you are young or learning, the Spey rod offers a huge advantage for a person that would rather use two hands than one.

Forest Green Blank

Beulah Classic Spey Blank - 11'6" 6/7wt
Tip Diameter: 5.0
Butt Diameter: 0.46
Blank Weight: 3.1
Eleven and half feet and extremely light in hand this spey rod is essentially an extension of our Switch Series. Excellent choice for small and mid size streams for summer steelheading, especially when backcasting quarters are tight. Our 11'6" also makes a great cross-over rod for streamer fishing monster rainbows and browns. Don't under estimate this stick it has plenty of punch to turn over tips and bigger flies when called upon.

Beulah Classic Spey Blank - 12'7" 7/8wt
Tip Diameter: 5.0
Butt Diameter: 0.471
Blank Weight: 4.72
This rod is weapon of choice for the Beulah staff as well as many other dedicated two-hand steelhead fisherman. This rod can do the work of many 13'-14'0 rods, is forgiving enough to be a sound choice for the beginning spey caster and refined enough for those "in the know" casters with many years of spey experience behind them. This is the rod that put us on the map with the coined phrase "Dude it's a $400.00 rod that casts, feels, and looks like a $700.00 rod".

Beulah Classic Spey Blank - 13'6" 8/9wt
This rod is currently the longest and strongest rod in the Beulah stable. We designed this stick for medium to large summer steelhead rivers and have the ability to cross-over into winter with enough throttle to turn over lots-o-T-14 and big, bigger, or biggest winter flies. With extra length and the most forgiving rod in our spey series this makes a sound first timers choice and a good pick if you can only own one and need the ultimate in versatility.