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UFM ltd. - Chewy-Pop Bass Popper - Frog !

Every bass fisher has his or her favorite bug. This style could be everyone's favorite. Chewy-Pops have soft heads and are very lightweight and aerodynamic for easy casting. They hit the water gently, but will pop loudly if given a sharp pull. The round rubber legs, and Flashabou and marabou tail wiggle seductively. Chew-Pops are very durable and produce explosive takes. Of course they are weedless so they can be fished in dense cover. If you knew how good they are, you'd have a box full of them.

Frog is a favorite color with bass and bass fishers everywhere from Mexico to Oregon and in the South in the USA. This mottled and spotted natural color mimics a great many natural bass foods. This has always been a good early morning pattern. Try this color just as they are waking up.

UFM ltd. - Chewy-Pop Bass Popper - Frog !