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Fly of the Month by Dave Skok - Albie Whore


Designed by Richard Reagan in NY, this is a deadly autumn pattern anywhere in New England and a good one anywhere gamefish feed on small, translucent minnows. Tied on a Mustad C68 1/0, 2/0, or 3/0 in a few colors.
This fly is a favorite at Montauk for albies and stripers sipping bay anchovies but it's good for most species and can imitate a variety of different baitfish. Non-fouling and durable, it's a must-have if you chase pelagics with a fly rod.

Dave at the Vise

Measurements from eye of hook to tip of tail:

  • 1/0 = 3-3.25"
  • 2/0 = 3.5-3.75"
  • 3/0 = ~4"
  • They keep changing as Dave is busy wrapping so here are the color explanations:
    1st color is the Estaz body /
    2nd is Feather /
    3rd is the flash line (everything pictured has the Pearl Scale)
    All have Silver eyes unless noted.

    You receive 1 fly for $9.50.

    Fly of the Month by Dave Skok - Albie Whore