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DVD - Tenkara Fly Fishing

A collection of our 2009 movies on the tenkara philosophy and techniques. This DVD contains all the movies shown on our video gallery (these videos are available for free for viewing) and the entire lecture and on-stream demonstrations given by tenkara master, Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, on his visit to the Catskills in May 2009 (not available online).

With a total of 9 different videos on tenkara, it features:

"Tenkara Intro" - a brief introduction of tenkara by Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo, and his friend and tenkara angler Masaki Nakano.

"Tenkara in the Land of Little Rivers" - our short film based on the knowledge transmitted to us by Dr. Hisao Ishigaki during his visit to the Catskills in May of 2009 and on the experiences and perspectives of Mr. Christopher "Tenkara Bum" Stewart, and Misako Ishimura.

Note: This DVD is a high quality production, however, the intro video was captured in a format that plays better in computers.

DVD - Tenkara Fly Fishing