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Greys GS Scoop Net

Available in three sizes to suit your fishing situation, the GS Scoop Net features an integrated magnet in the handle for safe storage when not in use, and fish friendly rubber mesh to protect your quarry.

A safety cord attached between the magnet and the net frame ensures if you drop your net whilst wading, it will not flow away downstream.

Standard knotless mesh sides to give maneuverability in fast-flowing water, and a non-flash silver frame to avoid spooking fish.

Small: 15.5" x 11" Diameter
Medium: 18" x 13" Diameter
Large: 19.5 x 15" Diameter

About Metal Nets:
These are all about daily abuse. For the guide who has broken three or so wooden nets in a season they eventually gravitate towards something like this. The new age of metal nets has gone way beyond the good old Measure Nets. Greys has come out with a new GS Scoop Net. These have a huge bag, the large size could handle steelhead size fish with ease, and small fish. The other main advantage of a metal net is the overall weight. These are ultralight when compared to the wooden counterparts and a whole lot less expensive. The big disadvantage is that they will sink if you let them and they are not as good looking as wood. The range has you covered from 8-30+ inches.

Greys GS Scoop Net