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D - 12 Color SLF Standard Dubbing Dispenser !

DStandard SLF Dubbing.
The original synthetic living fiber. Tremendously popular and widely used for its unique translucence and lifelike sparkle. Broad color range invites use for almost any pattern.

Dispenser 1 Includes: Medium Olive, Dark Olive, Light Olive, Golden Olive, Dark Claret, Gray, Fiery Brown, Rust Brown, Cinnamon, Black, White, Imitation Seal
Dispenser 2 Includes: Green Highlander, Insect Green, Fiery Claret, Hot Orange, Fiery Orange, Crimson, Fiery Red, Yellow, Purple, Fl Red, Fl Orange, Fl Pink

D - 12 Color SLF Standard Dubbing Dispenser !