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Magazine - Tenkara

The first print publication dedicated to tenkara in the world, the Tenkara Magazine™ is a beautiful collection of essays, interviews, how-to's, and philosophical thoughts revolving around the tenkara lifestyle. The magazine is 112 pages long, printed in high-quality paper, with submissions from talented writers and photographers who have been practicing tenkara.


  • Beginnings: A Japanese Story by Paul Gaskell
  • Tenkara: Me and the Past by Gordon M. Wickstrom
  • Taking a Chance by Daniel Galhardo
  • Home by Dinner by Graham Moran
  • Arctic Grayling Ultralight Tenkara Backpacking in Utah’s High Country by Rob Worthing
  • A Gal Who Loves to Double-Haul by Aileen Lane
  • Q&A with Dr. Hisao Ishigaki and Masami Sakakibara by Adam Trahan
  • I Love the No-Tarin Club by Kiyoshi Ishihara
  • The Tenkara Summit by Daniel Galhardo
  • Tenkara and the Beginner by Tom Davis
  • Ten Techniques for Tenkara by Jason Klass
  • Finding the Perfect Tenkara Water by Steven B. Schweitzer
  • Forgiving Boulder Creek by Sasha Barajas
  • The Basics of Tenkara
  • The Guide School by Mark R. Cole
  • Tenkara Guide Network by Daniel Galhardo
  • Tenkara Brothers by John Vetterli
  • A Homecoming by Paul Vertrees
  • A Great Way to Catch Trout by Morgan Lyle
  • Tenkara Fly Tying: Sakasa Kebari by Chris Kuhlow
  • Tenkara Flies by Daniel Galhardo
  • People Who Fish by Tienlon Ho
  • Small Streams: There and Back Again by Anthony Naples
  • From the Heavens to the Peak District: A Short History of the
  • Rise of Tenkara in the UK by John Pearson
  • Under the Ruins of Nero’s Villa: Tenkara in Italy by Vito “Tsurikichi” Rubino
  • A Boy, A Bus, Tenkara! by TJ Ferreira
  • No Need to Choose by Allison Pluda
  • Uptown Tenkara: A Crappie Experience by Ron P. Swegman
  • Gyotaku from the Water, to the Paper, to the Plate by Kirby Wilson
  • Destinations by Adam Trahan, Paul Vertrees, Daniel Hoda, Rob Worthing, Judy W. Cole, and Guillaume Chavanne
  • The Colors of Tenkara by David Dirks

  • Magazine - Tenkara