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Korkers Devil's Canyon Boot - Kling-On & Plain Felt Soles

An incredibly light boot, fits like a glove and delivers athletic and agile performance.

  • OmniTraxฎ Interchangeable Sole System adapts your traction to any fishing condition.
  • M2 Boaฎ lacing system quick on/off and custom fit.
  • Hydrophobic materials faster dry times lessen the 
chance of spreading invasive species.
  • Durability enhanced midsole, rubberized anti-abrasion synthetic material, reduced seams, recessed triple-stitched uppers and molded toe cap.
  • Drainage integrated, large drainage ports and internal drainage channels.
  • Comfort unique stretch upper cuff provides athletic, glove-like fit.
  • 2 lbs 14 oz
  • Click on any picture below to read more about the soles or purchase soles separately

    Svelte II


    Studded Felt


    Studded Kling-On

    Studded Rubber

    Vibram Idrogrip

    Studded Vibram Idrogrip


    Korkers Devil's Canyon Boot - Kling-On & Plain Felt Soles