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aCortland Precision Trout Boss Fly Line - Double Taper

New “Heat Dissipation Technology” (HDT) jacket material reduces friction and heat build-up

100’ line with 65’ head and unique taper design for distance and accuracy

1.5’ high floating Dyna-Tip

Color change at the back of head for a visual pickup marker

The Trout Boss™ is, quite simply, the best trout line we’ve made to date. Designed with a unique weight-forward taper and 64-foot head, the Trout Boss excels at extreme-distance casting. The longer head includes a 25-foot back taper that allows you to carry more line in the air without overpowering your rod – and also maintain better control of your fly line on the water. Featuring our proprietary PST™ coating material for reduced friction through the guides, plus an 18-inch high-floating Dyna-Tip,™ this trout line brings out the very best in medium-fast and fast-action rods

Type: Floating
Taper: DT
Color: Moss Green OR Orange / White Dyna-Tip
Length: 100'
Dual Loops

aCortland Precision Trout Boss Fly Line - Double Taper