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aCortland Precision Quick Descent 30' Sink Tip

Precision Quick Descent Lines are the ultimate sub-surface line. These density compensated lines are available in either 15' or 30' heads. They feature a beefy long rear taper that eliminates annoying line hinge and is easy on the hands. The intermediate running portion is engineered to be tangle free even in the windiest conditions. Q.D.'s are available in a variety of grain weights to quickly and easily load rods from 4 through 12 weights, and are color coded for easy identification. Plus a Dur-A-Slik coating that keeps these lines casting farther than the competition!

Sizes: 150-300 gr
2 New Sizes! 500gr, 600gr
Type: 30' Sink Tip w/Intermediate running line
Taper: WF

  • 200gr - Green
  • 250 - Fl. Chartreuse
  • 300 - Camo
  • 350gr - Orange
  • 400gr - Brown
  • 500gr - Grey
  • 600gr - Purple

  • Core: Mono
    Length: 125'

    aCortland Precision Quick Descent 30' Sink Tip