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aCortland Precision Change-A-Tip

Precision Change-A-Tip is Cortland's universal fly line to suit most of your fishing situations from a floating line for delicate dry fly fishing to weighted streamers and nymphs for fast deep currents. The Pecision Change-a-Tip Line incorporates a welded looping system for quick and easy changing of line tips. This is the ultimate universal line for all types of fishing conditions Built on a braided nylon core for a memory free line and a stiffer outer finish for superb casting and durability.

*Welded Loop*
Taper: WF Rocket
Type: Floating
Weights: 5-10
Color: Mint Green
Core: Nylon Braid
Tips: Floating, Clear Intermediate (1.5-2 IPS), Type 3 Sink (3.5-4 IPS), Type 6 (6.25-7 IPS)

aCortland Precision Change-A-Tip