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Cortland 333 Classic Running Lines


The 333 Classic Floating Running Line is ideal for trolling, "chuck'n duck" fishing with split shot, or attaching to shooting heads. Built on a braided nylon core, the .031" diameter line handles easily and shoots smoothly through the guides.

The 333 Classic Intermediate Shooting/Running Line is ideal for shallow-water trolling and shooting heads. Built on braided nylon multifilament core and NOW CLEAR!, the line shoots smoothy through the guides, sinks slowely below the surface of the water and resists tangling when retrieved.

The 333 Classic Type 6 Full Sinking line is designed primarily for trolling single and tandem-hook flies for trout and landlocked salmon. It's been a Down East favorite for a half century!

Floating 90' Yellow 0.031"
Intermediate 90' Clear 0.031"
Sink 6 90' Black

Cortland 333 Classic Running Lines