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Sci Anglers Saltwater

  • Floating Specialty Taper
  • Designed for multiple saltwater applications where a floating line is needed
  • Two tone for better visibility
  • Low memory for a wide range of weather applications
  • Excels at wade fishing in saltwater
  • 6-9 weight lines with medium head to aide in distance casting
  • 10-14 weight lines with shorter head for quick casts with larger flies
  • Small diameter to deal with windy conditions
  • Compound taper turns over big flies
  • Running line optimized to float and reduces memory
  • Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
  • SA ID: SA MS SW WF X F, where X denotes line weight
    Featured Technologies:
  • AST, Xtra-Strength Streamlined Loop
    Primary Use:
  • Billfish, Bonefish, Cuda, Light Saltwater, Permit, Redfish, Sailfish, Shark, Striper, Tarpon

  • Softer, more supple braided multifilament nylon for less memory in all water conditions
  • Hollow core traps air for ultimate floatation
  • Special higher-density 3M saltwater PVC formulated with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology
  • Highly resilient coating provides the durability required for harsh saltwater use
    DELIVERY: Moderate
    STIFFNESS: Moderate

  • Sci Anglers Saltwater