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Abel Arm - Purchased with Abel Reel

Conceived and created by Steve Abel and Mel Krieger, it moves the center of gravity away from the reel seat. The resulting improved balance affords greater comfort and significantly less fatigue . . . similar to the difference of carrying golf club at the end of the handle or gripping it directly behind the head. It just plain feels good. Try it!
About 1-1/2 inches long and weighing less than 1/2-ounce, an Abel Arm is an invaluable addition both while casting or cranking. Abel Arms may be fitted to any model and size Abel Reel.
MUST BE On original order with Abel fly reel!
Any solid finish - $50, Artistic Anodized - $75, Fish Graphic - $100, Scenic Graphic - $150

Abel Arm - Purchased with Abel Reel