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Loon Aquel™


Whether you are fishing the South Fork of the Snake or your local creek, Aquel is the perfect floatant for you. Pronounced “ahh kwel”, this premium floatant is our biggest seller and the world’s best fly floatant available. Aquel is long lasting, silicon based, and won’t melt when it’s hot or harden when it’s cold. Simply work Aquel into the body and hackle of your fly and watch your fly float like a cork. Temperature stable.

- Premium dry fly gel floatant
- Temperature stable
- Silicon based
- Will not leave oil slick on water
- Official fly floatant of Fly Fishing Team USA
- Masks Human Scent

1. Prior to first cast, apply desired amount of Aquel to fly
2. Use fingers to work Aquel into hair and hackle
3. If fly becomes water logged, use powder desiccant to dry, then reapply

- Dry fly fishing
- Treating indicators

1/2 oz. $4.95 or 5 oz. Guide Size $39.95

Apply floatant to fly, then use your fingers to work floatant into the body and hackle of the fly. For best results, coat your fly in Aquel, then shake into Top Ride fly dryer and floatant for the highest and longest float possible. Try some and find out why people who fish for a living use Aquel.

Loon Aquel™