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Book - The Custom Graphite Fly Rod

A crisp, practical guide to designing and building a customized fly rod with graphite blanks.

This compact, practical guide is for everyone who would like to design and build a custom fly rod with graphite blanks to his own specifications.Morris describes the complete rod-building process - from selecting components wisely for specific fishing needs to handsome finishing. There are invaluable chapters on reel seats, cork grips, thread wraps, and adding a signature to your work; and Morris has included an important chapter on how to make all of the repairs that, sooner or later, a well-used fly rod requires.There are also chapters on design and advanced building techniques for the sophisticated rod builder - and an essential section on safety for everyone with a home workshop.The helpful diagrammatic drawings and dozens of carefully framed photographs make Skip Morris's description particularly clear. (7 1/4 X 10 1/4, 132 pages, b&w photos, diagrams, charts)

Book - The Custom Graphite Fly Rod