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Book - Striper Strategies: The Secrets of a Striper Bum

Striper Strategies sums up everything of importance you need to know to become a consistently successful striped bass fisherman wherever and whenever you fish. This book tells you what the other books don't and can't: the secrets of a Striper bum.

Chapters on reading the water, finding the fish, when and where to fish, choosing and using flies, presentation, unusual and effective retrieves, understanding tides, solving common mysteries and much more.

"Surely one of the most remarkable striper-fishing manuals to see the light of day...You could look long and hard to find another book that will do more to help your striper fishing."

Steve Raymond, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

The long-awaited second edition features over 50 additional pages, new fly dressings, new photographs, and a full color cover.

Book - Striper Strategies: The Secrets of a Striper Bum