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Bear's Den Logo Fly Case - Lg Superior

Older Model above to show Logo only. Newer Model below left is the current design.

The best fresh and saltwater boat box on the market. This box is large enough to carry hundreds of clousers and strong enough to take the day-to-day abuse on a boat.
Slit Foam that doesn't wear out.

Slit Foam in Choice of:
  • Single-Sided $47.99 or
  • Double-Sided $49.99
  • 13.62" x 11.49" x 3.26"

    21-24 oz.

    Spare Foam Available

    Single Sided leaves the front open so you can see inside. Or Double Sided to have more places for flies.

    *Fish graphics include:

    Bear's Den Logo Fly Case - Lg Superior