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aCortland Precision Tapered Running Lines

One of the biggest problems with shooting head/running line set-ups has been the "hinge" that develops when you connect the two different lines. Not any more! Cortland is the first to develop a TAPERED running line to eliminate hinging and add ease and distance to your cast. The 8' body mates exactly to the rear taper diameter of the shooting head for smooth energy transfer, then tapers to the 89' running line section. Now you can have the head/running connection OUTSIDE the guides when casting, resulting in more distance with less effort. And the sonic welded loops connect smoothly and cleanly for no guide hang-ups.

*Welded Loop*
Taper: Tapered Running Line
Sizes: 0.027", 0.031"
Types: Floating, Intermediate
Length: 100 ft.
Color: Mint, Clear/Fl Yellow
Core: Nylon Braid, Mono

aCortland Precision Tapered Running Lines