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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 7'6" 3wt

The Signature

Action: Classic medium action with fast recovery. It will be an excellent rod for delicate presentations close in or can be double hauled over 60'.

If you watch any one pick up this rod and give it a wiggle it's as if a ray of sunshine pries through the clouds and warms their body. They instantly smile. The tension in their neck and shoulders vanish and they go back to that happy place, deep in their mind, where willing trout sped through the water and gobbled up their well presented fly. Then they sputter something like,"this would be great on the McCloud". As if we didn't figure that one out. That is why the 3wt is our signature. Nobody cares that the rod is a four piece, 7'6", high modulus, medium flex, with a fast recovery. Nobody cares that titanium eyes make the swing weight of the rod so effortless a baby could cast it. Why should they? All our customer cares about is that the rod is as light as a feather and can land a dry fly across most rivers softer than an angels kiss. The details become so unimportant we took them off the rods all together. After all your not buying 65% graphite, 35% cork and thread. Your purchasing next year's memories. And if in the event you are a bit careless rushing over icy cobbles to a blue wing olive hatch in the middle of Winter, don't worry, as we have provided you with an extra rod tip.

This rod was designed for use on spring creeks, high mountain lakes or on small freestone rivers. This rod will be excellent to use for small to medium size trout and panfish using a variety of fishing methods such as dry flies, wet flies or weighted nymphs.

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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 7'6" 3wt
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