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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 8'6" 4wt

The Trout Bum

Action: Classic medium action with fast recovery. It will be an excellent rod for delicate presentations close in or can be double hauled over 60'.

Our 8'6" medium flex rod with four piece construction and titanium snake eyes still gives you the feeling that your holding a classic dry fly rod. But as you swish the rod through the air you notice that the swish doesn't last too long. In fact it's damn short. Welcome to the leading edge of continuous taper, fast recover rods. On one hand you get the nice soft presentation of grandpa's favorite bamboo and on the other you have enough reserve power that you can cast farther than most high priced 5 wts. This allows for all the big things to happen. Big wind, big casts and big fish. After all, you don't become a trout bum chasing tiddlers.

This rod was designed for use on spring creeks, high mountain lakes or anywhere you see a trout rise. In fact it goes well in a golf bag and makes the water hazards a lot more fun. This rod will be excellent to use for small to medium size trout and panfish using a variety of fishing methods such as dry flies, wet flies or weighted nymphs.

Fly Line Recommendations:
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~ Rio Gold 4wt
~ Scientific Anglers Mastery 4wt
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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 8'6" 4wt
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