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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 5wt

The Golden Retriever
Action: While the action is medium/fast, in order to satisfy the most accomplished purist. We found the most accomplished purist still wants to out distance everyone in the local club. You will find plenty of power down low that can be utilized to keep any ego in tact.

If there is any rod you do not want to be it's a 5 wt. It's the rod that has to do all the work. From Brook Trout to Steelie, Winter or Summer, high water or low, someone is going to use it and abuse it. Make it fast action and it will be bad mouthed by the dry fly purists. Make it slow and you will not be able to throw hoppers into the wind. The five weight has to perform a balancing act and be the one tool in the arsenal that performs every task without grumbling. The Beulah 5wt is no exception. We made it light using IM8, graphite. Strong, by using our proprietary lay-up in the butt and tip. Medium-fast action to throw dry flies any distance or streamers into the wind. In the end we ended up with a truly versatile rod. Just like a Golden retriever, it will be the friend by your side, always there to do whatever you ask. And, if in the event you ask a little too much from this rod, (a 40Lb. King?). We have provided an extra tip in case there is any mishap.

This rod was designed to be our best all around trout rod. It will perform well catching anything from small and large mouth bass to a variety of trout and panfish, in any body of water. It will hold its own with dry flies, streamers, poppers or weighted nymphs.

Fly Line Recommendations:
~ Cortland Precision Platinum 5wt
~ Rio Gold 5wt
~ Airflo Ridge Line 5wt

Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 5wt
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