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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 6wt

The Zen Rod
4.0 oz
Fast Action, fast recovery, with a beautiful traditional feel deep down.

This is our Zen rod. If you try to over power this rod the line will fall mercilessly at your feet. If you use the power of the rod, 105' feet of steelhead fly line will flow easily through the guides and to the knot. This rod has a beautiful fast action and fast recovery, that is user friendly and easy to fish. Give it two or three hours on the water and you will recognize, deep down, there is a traditional feel. It is designed using IM8 graphite, with a progressive taper and plenty of power down low. This rod uses four piece construction in order to minimize weight and maximize strength. The oversize titanium guides make the swing weight of the rod extremely light, while the composite cork and rosewood reel seat add a touch of beauty that is only seen on custom products. To distance ourselves even further from our competitors we offer an extra rod tip. Another feature that is only seen on the most exclusive products.

This is the rod of Summer in our neck of the woods for the person who owns multiple fly rods. It is beautiful to cast and mends well with any modern, weight forward, long bellied or double taper lines . Used primarily for larger trout on big water, but will handle light summer steelhead fishing from the shore or boat. A great rod for large and small mouth bass from the local lakes. This rod also has plenty of reserve power down low.

Fly Line Recommendations:
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~ Rio Gold 7wt
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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 6wt
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