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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 7wt

Rogue Guide
Action: FAST action, fast recovery.

Recognized by professional guides as an outstanding performer, this rod is gaining popularity as the rod of choice for Summer Steelheading in the West. It is light enough to be used for half-pounders with plenty of back bone to land that occasional salmon. Big casts, big mends, big fish, no problem. This rod delivers it all. Ultra sensitive and ultra quick, you will experience hook-ups a split second faster, yielding better hook sets and more fish landed. Much like older, slower, heavier, computers being compared to the newer, faster and lighter counterparts, these modern fly rods don't replace your older rods of the same weight class. They easily replace older rods that are one to two weights heavier. And if you normally tire at the end of the day or experience shoulder fatigue casting the bigger rods, the Beulah 4pc design with IM8 graphite and titanium eyes, tremendously reduces the swing weight on the casting stroke.

This rod has a multitude of uses and will be used to fish for a variety of fresh water and small salt water species that include Steelhead, light Salmon, Small and Large mouth bass, Bonefish, Redfish, Snook and Sea Trout.

Fly Line Recommendations:
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~ Rio Grand 7wt
~ Scientific Anglers Steelhead 8wt
~ Rio Salmon/ Steelhead 8wt

Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 7wt
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