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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 8wt

The Enforcer
Action: DAMN FAST action, fast recovery, powerful with nice tip sensitivity.

Brute force and ignorance are not the words you ever hear when talking about fly fishing, however, you have not used the enforcer. You could probably tie a full grown chicken on the end of your fly line and launch it across the river with this rod. This rod makes big, heavy jobs easy. No matter how big the fly, how far you need to cast or how much weight you need to use to get it all down, this is the rod. And don't let me intimidate you. While this is a very serious stick, with a powerful butt and heavy-duty salt water up-locking reel seat, the IM8 graphite titanium eyes and four piece construction make it extremely light and fun to use. Many times while coming off the water after a days fishing, I wonder why I use any other rod than this. It's as if you have a big hammer and all the nails pound in easily. With the power of this rod, you need little experience to perform crowd pleasing casts, beautiful stack mends or fight big fish quickly. This is the rod I would use when landing that big fish is extremely important. So if your betting on the first, the biggest or the most, or out fishing for larger species for the very first time, this is an excellent starting point.

This rod was designed for a variety of floating and sinking lines in both fresh and salt water. Good for steelhead fishing during high and low water conditions, fishing the flats or for small gulf species.

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Beulah Classic Single Hand Rod - 9' 8wt
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