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Ty-Rite Tool

The Ty-Rite tool has become a favorite tool for many trout fishermen. Haven’t you been frustrated grabbing flies out of your box, and either mangling or dropping them while trying to tie them on? This tool is especially handy to hold and twist your flies while tying improved clinch and other knots. We also love to use this tool when your fingers are cold!

If you are using C&F Micro-Slit fly boxes, we strongly urge you to use this tool. It remarkably can select the exact fly you choose without having any problems grabbing the fly out of a crowded fly box. Try one out, you will love it!

Ty-Rite Jr. - midges & small flies down to size 24 - $7.50
Ty-Rite Sr. - standard and large flies - $8.50
Ty-Rite Tool