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aCortland Switch Line

Maximum versatility for your switch rod

100 line with 57 head

Color change at 45 for visual pickup marker

Oversized tips for increased control

The new Switch Line from Cortland performs 3 major functions to help you get maximum performance from your switch rod Overhead casting for tossing streamers or bulky flies, spey style roll casts for swinging flies, and indicator nymphing with ease, at distances you never thought possible. Cortland Switch Line is 100 total length, color change at 45 with a 12 rear taper extension for supporting long mends and roll casts. Tip diameters are oversized to turn over bulky flies, indicator rigs, or connect a polyleader to the Cortland Super Fused loop.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Sky Blue with Ivory running line
Length: 100'
Welded Loop

aCortland Switch Line