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Cortland Finesse Trout Line

Some people aren’t happy unless they’re fishing tiny flies across a half-dozen different currents to insanely picky fish. Of course, even those people will be a lot happier with the new Precision® Finesse Trout™ line on their reel. It’s a revolutionary new finesse line designed for fishing small flies at greater distances in complex currents. The combined result from years of experience braiding, coating and designing, the Finesse Trout features an extra-fine diameter front taper and Micro-Tip™ for the utmost in finesse presentations. The unique coating floats higher than traditional lines. The result is a fast-casting, highly accurate line that lands gently, floats higher, is less subject to drag – and mends with a flick of the wrist.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Heron Blue
Core: Nylon Braid
Length: 90'
Welded Loops

Cortland Finesse Trout Line