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Cortland Precision Competition Nymph Line

Our Competition Nymph is designed specifically for today’s longer 9'6" to 11' nymph rods when fishing European and high-stick nymphing methods. Built on an ultra-thin, ultra-limp braided core with a supple coating and elongated, fine-diameter front taper, the line drapes perfectly with no bellying or dragging out of the drift on longer casts. The super-fine tip permits the use of shorter leaders, and the complex weight-forward taper transmits enough energy to turn over multiple fly rigs with control and accuracy. A front Micro-Tip™ front loop offers delicacy and a rear welded loop provides rigging ease.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Gecko Green
Core: Mono
Length: 75' Welded Loop

Cortland Precision Competition Nymph Line