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Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 12'7" 7/8wt

8.7 oz
Progressive Taper: Fast Action/Fast Recovery

Our 12’7” 7/8 Spey rod is our most popular two handed Spey offering. Enough forgiveness for a fly fisher new to the two hand game and refined in feel and performance for the folks that have been around the two handed game for a while. Our 12’7” two hander is a blast with a smallish 4 pound fish and more than enough rod for a 20 pound bruiser. Delicate enough for throwing smaller lightly weighted and un-weighted wet flies and skaters and plenty strong to toss 5”-6” Dumbbell eyed Intruders. This will also make a sound choice for throwing large streamers in high wind conditions for large Sea-Run Browns way….way south of the border.

This rod is a progressive taper with a fast action that excels when matched with Scandinavian and Skagit style lines.

Summer Steelhead fishing and a great cross over Winter Steelhead rod and Atlantic Salmon rod.

Line Recommendations:
~Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir Spey 450, Rio AFS 7/8
~Skagit: Beulah Tonic 500 Spey

Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 12'7" 7/8wt
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