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Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 13'6" 8/9wt

9.0 oz
Progressive Taper: Fast Action/Fast Recovery

3’6” 8/9 spey: There are still many shops, owners, guides and shop employees that stand tough on the idea that a fisher’s first spey rod should be between 13’0” and 14’0” long. Even though the “Spey game” has drastically shifted towards shorter rods in the past couple of years, this is still a sound practice. Folks new to the two-handed rod will take a season or two developing the muscle memory and technique that differs from single hand fishing to become sound, efficient two-hand casters even in tough fishing environments. There is definitely forgiveness in length making this a great first choice stick. Many guys out there just feel comfortable and enjoy casting a longer stick. Call it old school, traditional, ties them to their non-Scottish ancestry…Whatever, tons of folks like casting longer spey rods which is o.k., legal and prudent! Our Beulah 13’6” 8/9 is a sound choice for a go anywhere medium/large to large size summer Steelhead stream and makes a terrific go to winter Steelhead rod.

This is a progressive taper with a fast action that excels with Scandinavian and Skagit line choices. With the extra length at 13’6” line choices also drastically open up with mid belly lines like Airflo Delta, Delta Long, Rio Windcutters and long belly lines like NextCast 75,85 and 95.

This will be a great choice for all medium/large and larger size bodies of water for summer Steelhead, and an excellent go to choice for a dedicated winter Steelhead rod.

Line Recommendations:
~Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir Spey 525, Rio AFS 8/9
~Skagit: Beulah Tonic 575 Spey, Airflo Compact Skagit 8/9 570, Rio Skagit 500 or 550
Note: if your tip of choice is 10 or more feet of Rio T14 and large tough to cast flies, bump up your line choice into the 585-600 choices to make this system rock and roll!
~Mid Belly: Airflo Delta Spey 8/9 570

Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 13'6" 8/9wt