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Beulah Bluewater 13/15wt Rod


Length: 9'0"
Weight: 9.5 oz
Action: Damn Fast
Pieces: 4

Meet the Tarpon tamer. This rod will make the silver king bow to you! This is a 13/15 wt that you can cast and cast far, yet has the fighting power of any "stick" out there. After fishing the Blue Water series in Baja I found myself going to this rod more and more to cut fighting time in half but still have the ability to reach shy fish. Originally designed to battle bluefin, 80 plus tarpon and billfish , the rod comes equipped with a removable butt cap that covers an aluminum fighting gimble. The 13/15's ability to cast 100ft of line makes this the perfect choice for giant Jacks, trevally and roosterfish.

Casting to and fighting larger saltwater species. This rod has incredible casting ability and is designed to land 100lb plus fish.

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Beulah Bluewater 13/15wt Rod