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NuCanoe Accessories

This is where you make your Frontier your own. Outfit it with the seats, accessories, and options to maximize your fishing experience. Load it up or leave it stripped down, the choice is yours. And best of all, most accessories are modular, so they can be added, repositioned, or removed as desired.

Collage_20220309125852sm NuCanoe Transducer Retract System
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The NuCanoe Transducer Retract System (TRS) allows the side scan transducers to be deployed and retracted in the protected hull channel on the UNLIMITED from your seat. The deployed position is enabled by a spring, so the the transducer will freely retract if anything contacts it on or off the water. Initial setup & installation takes about 5 minutes, and then you are ready to go! Available in versions for Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, and Raymarine Transducers. For the NuCanoe UNLIMITED model only.