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Fly Tying: Tube Fly Materials

eumer_conehead_tube.jpg Eumer Conehead Tubes
$12.95 $9.71 On Sale!
Conehead Tubes are the ultimate in versatility...
The conehead tube comes in two parts, allowing you endless options to mix and match colors and sizes. Since the tying is done underneath the conehead, the thread is protected from rocks, etc.
12pc Assorment $16.95 OR 10pc Single style $14.95
Fits Small Tube

Limited to Stock on Hand.
protube_drop_weight.jpg ProTube Drop-weights
Pro Drop weight is designed for light summer flies when the water gets lower – let your creativity go loose...
Sm & Med: 10pc
Lg: 9pc

protube_flexiweight.jpg ProTube Flexiweights
Pro Flexiweights is designed for the Flexi and Classic tubes and is an level designed weight.

protube_raw_weight.jpg ProTube Raw Weights
The "Raw Weight" is weight in its purest form. 100% pure tungsten carbide is one of the heaviest substances on the planet.

eumer_micro_conehead.jpg Eumer Micro Coneheads
$4.75 $3.56 On Sale!
Regardless of which style of Eumer's coneheads you use for tube flies, you are guaranteed the world's best. Now in MICRO with smaller openings for the tiniest of tubeflies.
Fits Extra Small Tubes
20pc single style $4.75 OR 12pc Assortment $3.75

Limited to Stock on Hand.
protube_pro_cone.jpg ProTube Pro Cones
A classic style conehead. Premium quality brass for adding weight to your fly.

protube_ultra_sonic_discs.jpg ProTube Pro Ultra SonicDisc
The latest disc design and the worlds first brass disc with venting holes.
Med: 9pc
Lg: 8pc

protube_soft_sonic_disc.jpg ProTube Soft SonicDisc
Discs of reinforced plastics these versatile discs are strong, light and very effective.
M: 8mm 9pc
L: 10mm 8pc

protube_soft_head.jpg ProTube SoftHeads
No more sticky epoxy fingers and unnessary heavy flies when creating flies with baitfish style heads.
• XS: 4mm 11pc • S: 6mm 10pc • M: 8mm 9pc • L: 10mm 8pc •

protube_classic.jpg ProTube Classic System
Some flytiers want to create and cut their own tubes to desired lengths - and for them we have created the Pro Tube Classic.
Sm = 1.3mm; Med = 2.2mm; Lg = 3.2mm

protube_flexitube.jpg ProTube FlexiTube System
Pro Flexitube is a revolution within modern tubedesign. For the first time a tube is made in two dimensions but in one piece!
Lg 40/40

protube_nanotube.jpg ProTube Nanotube System
The Pro Nanotube is a smaller version of the Microtube - as a new feature and a worlds first we have added tungsten to the existing Nanotube.

protube_hookguide.jpg ProTube Hook Guides
These ultra strong “high stretch” silicone hook guides are designed for use with treble, double and single hooks.
Medium (Hooksize # 12-6) 12pc
Large (Hooksize # 6-2) 12pc
XLarge (Hooksize # 2-6/0) 8pc

eumer_tubing.jpg Eumer Plastic Tubes
$5.99 $3.99 On Sale!
Eumer plastic and silicone tubes are so durable that they withstand very cold water, but they are soft enough to stretch over the eye of your hook. Plastic tubes give you many size options and color variations for your perfect tube fly.
1M single piece or 9 x 10cm assortment
NEW 36piece - 3size assortment

Limited to Stock on Hand.
hmh_acce_hybrid_tubing_sm.jpg HMH Premium Hybrid Tubes
Custom flexible tubing rugged enough to tie on directly, flexible enough to use with any other tube.
Lg (0.085 ID x 0.125 OD) or Medium (0.070 ID x 0.100 OD)
36" per pack
5 Colors

Limited to stock on hand
hmh_acce_rigid_tubes HMH Rigid Tubes Cut to Length Tubes
Rigid Cut-To Length Thick Wall Tubes
Create tube flies of any length up to 5". You cut to desired length, then finish ends as you like. Most versatile and economical tube pack.
Lg (1/8") uses 0.062 pin
Small (3/32") uses 0.041 pin
10 per pack (up to 50 x 1" tubes), plus hook holder and micro tubing

hmh_t_junction_tubing HMH Flex Junction / Hook Holder Tubing
Dual purpose flexible tubing: use as tubes or hook holder.
Small 1/8" OD fits over 3/32" dia. tubes
Large 5/32" OD fits over 1/8" dia. and Micro tubes.
1/8" Junction Tubing nests perfectly with HMH Micro Tubing.
12" per pack

hmh_acce_junction_tubing_sm.jpg HMH Flex Junction / Hook Holder Tubing Assortment
Available in Bright or Dark Assortments.
Dual purpose flexible tubing: use as tubes or hook holder.
Small 1/8" OD fits over 3/32" dia. tubes
Large 5/32" OD fits over 1/8" dia. and Micro tubes.
1/8" Junction Tubing nests perfectly with HMH Micro Tubing.
~6" of 6 colors per pack

hmh_t_poly_tubes_large HMH Poly Tubes - Large
HMH Large Poly Tubes (1/8" OD) are especially versatile in that the larger ID will accept many hook eyes, so you won't need to use hookholder on many of your patterns. Our HMH Micro Tubing will nest perfectly with these tubes to create flies with standard drilled cone and bead heads or flies with smaller heads and tapered bodies.
10, 5" single color pieces

hmh_t_poly_tubes_small HMH Poly Tubes - Small
Our Poly tubes are specifically designed to be tough and durable especially in cold water condition. Poly tubes are semi-flexible and won't get brittle in cold water. They are strong enough to stand up to large bulky patterns and have proven to be an excellent tube for winter steelhead. Our Small Poly Tubes (3/32" OD) are good for large and small patterns.
10, 5" single color pieces.

hmh_t_micro_tubing HMH Micro Tubing
Our Micro Tubing is durable and versatile. Regular (1/16" OD X .042 ID), 36"piece.

hmh_t_tube_fly_method_starter_kit HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit
easy to use, universal system of interchangeable Tubes, Tools and Techniques that lets you tie any style of floating or sinking tube fly for any freshwater or saltwater gamefish. The DVD in this package gets you tying tube flies right away.

protube_needles.jpg ProTube Tube Needles
If you don’t have a dedicated vice for tubefly tying, this is the tool for you. It is a flat conical needle to squeeze your tube on to, and then the tube is ready to be tied. Fits onto all tying vices with normal jaws.

stonfo_tapered_pins_sm Stonfo Tapered Pins For Tube Fly !
Complete series of 5 stainless steel tapered pins.
Accurately machined to securely hold tubes from .6mm to 4mm.

hmh_tacc_premium_tool HMH Premium Tube Fly Tool
Works in any vise that holds 2/0 hooks. Tool body precision built of stainless steel with brass fittings. Includes two premium, machined, tapered, and hardened mandrels(.062" and .041") to fit all HMH tubes. An elegant and effective solution for holding tubes. Made of steel in the USA. Clamp the tool in any vise that accepts a 2/0 hook, and you can tie tube flies with ease. Illustrated Instructions included. Still a great package at a great price.

hmh_tacc_starter_tool.jpg HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool
Works in any vise that holds 2/0 hooks. Tool body precision built of stainless steel with brass fittings. Includes 2 stainless steel pins (.041" and .062" dia.) that fit all HMH tubes.

protube_marblefox.jpg ProTube Marblefox
The number one hair material for salmon and steelhead flies period! Try it and we are sure you will agree with us.

tie_hf_arctic_fox_tail Arctic Fox Tail Hair
From Hareline.
Select length, soft and ties in easily. Great for winging and tails. Most colors will have darker tips.

Limited Stock
tie_hf_arctic_fox_sm HF - Arctic Fox Fur
Soft, fine, lively, yet durable hair popular for winging small streamers, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat, and salmon flies. It will remind you a little of marabou but has zero waste. Approximately 1.5" - 1.75" long hair.

hf_finn_raccoon_zonker.jpg Finn Raccoon Zonker
Nice long hair with great underfur.
from Hareline

book_tube_flies_two_evolution Book - Tube Flies Two: Evolution
Author: Mark Mandell; Bob Kenly (Author)
Paperback: 179 pages
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications (April 12, 2007)
ISBN: 9781571884015
Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8 x 0.5 inches

gamakatsu1_sc15.gif Gamakatsu SC15 Hooks
Shrimp, Small Tarpon Flies, Tube Fly Trailer
Wide Gap
Tin Plated

gamakatsu1_sc15.gif Gamakatsu SC15 Hooks - 100 Pack
Shrimp, Small Tarpon Flies, Tube Fly Trailer
Wide Gap
Tin Plated

gamakatsu1_sl12s.gif Gamakatsu SL12S Hooks
Blue Water / Tube Fly and Billfish Fly
Short Shank, Tin Plated

daiichi_1650.jpg Daiichi 1650 Tube Fly Hook
Round Bend, straight eye, 2X heavy wire, 2X short shank, reversed, forged, Bronze
Uses: Large trout, steelhead and salmon tube flies; Egg patterns

partridge_ntd_nordic_tube_double.jpg Partridge Nordic Tube Double Hook NTD
Black / Straight-Eye
Strong wide gaped hook with forged bends and sharp points. Short shank with a fine straight-eye. Ideal for salmon, steelhead and sea trout tube patterns.
10 per pack

partridge_nts_nordic_tube_single.jpg Partridge Nordic Tube Single Hook NTS
Black Nickel / Straight-Eye
Modified Sproat bend, wide gape, x-strong hook ideal for salmon, sea trout and steelhead tube patterns.
10 per pack