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As you can see from the very first picture, these are just snapshots. Nothing fancy, nothing hi-tech. We just wandered through the door after a typical day of shoppers and pointed the camera. So it may be a little in disarray, but you can still tell how fully stocked we are. About 150 rods on display, 30+ reels out and 2-3 times as many in the case. Thousands and thousands of flies. Feathers, furs, tails and other animal pieces. Threads, Tinsels, Stickers, Eyes and all the small necessities. And of course all the flashes and synthetics. A fly fishing & fly tying superstore – in a small space. ENJOY!

Apparel Rack – Loop, Orvis, Simms
Wall of Waders – Simms, Orvis, William Joseph
Wall of
More Apparel Display
Various Saltwater Flies
Full Row of
Saltwater Flies
Front Table of Fly Boxes
Fly Boxes &
Louie D Hooks
 Various Freshwater Flies
Full Row of
Freshwater Flies
Tarpon & Bonefish
Tarpon, Permit,
& Bonefish Flies
Bonefish & Permit Crabs
Crabs &
Bonefish Flies
Clousers & Half and Halfs
Clousers &
Half & Halfss
Sand Eels & Small Flies
Sand Eels
& Worms
Flatwings, Zonkers & Gummies
Flatwings, Zonkers
& Gummies
Deceivers, Squid, and Enrico
Deceivers, Squid
& EP Flies
Bunker & General Baitfish
Bunker & General
Baitfish Patterns
Deerhair & Bunker Patterns
Deerhair &
Bunker Flies
Poppers, Poppers
& More Poppers
Dry Flies
Standard Dry Flies
Big Dries – Wulffs, Hornbergs, Stimulators
Big Dry Flies
Terrestrials – Beetles, Hoppers, Ants
San Juan Worms & Wet Flies
Wet Flies
Streamers – Dace, Ghosts, Trout
Leeches & Bass Flies
Leeches & Big Bass Flies
Bass Flies, Poppers, Mice
Largemouth Bugs
Front Counter
Front Counter
Reel Display with Lines in the Background
Reel Display + Lines
Reel Display & Wader Wall
Reel Display & Wader Wall
Reels on Display
Reels on Display
Case of Reels
Too many reels to put out
Reels on Display
Reels on Display
Rods on Display – TFO, Sage, ECHO, Beulah, Winston
Rods on the Left
Our sign + cool Artwork
Our sign framed in Rods
Rods on Display – CND, Scott, T&T, Loop, Loomise
Rods on the Right
Rod Tubes
Rod Tubes
Bamboo Rods – Eden Cane, Scott SC, Leonard, Pane
Bamboo Rod Case
Sale Rods, Used Rods, Discontinued Models
Sale Rods
Boot & Wader Stock – Simms, Chota, Korkers
Boot & Wader Stock
Boot & Wader Stock – Simms, Chota, Korkers
Boot & Wader Stock
Boot & Wader Stock – Simms, Chota, Korkers
Boot & Wader Stock
Boots, Socks, Gloves, Wader Accessories
Boots, Socks,
Gloves, Wader Accessories
Regal, Peak, Renzetti, DynaKing, India
& Epoxy Turners
Smith Action Optics, FitOvers, Cocoons, WileyX
Loop, Orvis, William Joseph, Fishpond
Packs & Gear Bags 1
 Loop, Orvis, William Joseph, Fishpond, Simms
Packs & Gear Bags 2
 Loop, Orvis, William Joseph, Fishpond, Simms
Packs & Gear Bags 3
Line Winder – All rigging is free
Line Winder
 Loop, Orvis, William Joseph, Fishpond, Simms
Packs & Gear Bags 4
Nets & Accessories
Royal Wulff, Scientific Anglers, Rio, Airflo, Loop, Cortland
Fly Lines
SALE Rio, Airflo, Royal Wulff
Sale Fly Lines
SALE Rio, Airflo, Royal Wulff
Sale Lines
Orvis Super Strong, Mirage, Rio, Airflo
Leaders & Tippet
Frog Hair
Frog Hair Leader & Tippet
Drake, Fly Fish Saltwater, On the Water, Eastern Fly Fishing, Big Sky
Current Magazines
Highlighted Books
Book Spinner
Book Case – All the info you need
Books & DVDs
Loon Display with Floatants, Weights, Cleaners & more
Floatants & Weights
TMC, Mustad, Daiichi, Gamakatsu
Saltwater Hooks & Beyond
Dubbing, Pheasant, Saddles, Capes
Wall of Material Spinners
Dubbing, Pheasant, Saddles, Capes
Wall from the back looking up
 Dubbing, Marabou, Guinea, etc
Dubbing, Marabou, Guinea, etc.
 Hen Saddles, Quills, Peacock
Hen Saddles, Quills, Peacock
EZ Bodi, Foam, Cutters, Tapes
Back Wall of Spinners
Chenilles, Yarns
Carded Materials
3D, Flat, ZAP, Lacquer, Head Cement
Eyes & Epoxies
Buff, Waxes, Glues
Buff & more tying Materials
Ian Devlin Blends & Tuffleye Materials
Devlin Blends & Tuffleye
Bear’s Den Logo Shirts
Bear’s Den Logo Shirts
Otter Eggs, Prismatic Markers, Glue Sticks, Egg Foo
Egg Materials & Markers
Big Fly Fibers, Unique, Super, Enrico, Syn Yak
Synthetic Hairs
EP Fibers, Super Hair
EP & Super Hair
Mirror Image, Poly Bear, DNA Holofusion
Flash Blends
Farrar, Wire, Angel Hair, Accents
Looking down the Flash Wall
Awesome Hair, Ice Wing, Mega Mush, Angel Hair
Lots of Flash
Deer Strips, Belly, Body, Calf, Wapiti, Elk, Kiptails
Natural Hair & Furs
Bear, Fin Racoon, Sculpin, Yak, Streamer, Arctic Fox
Natural Hairs & Furs
Morrell, C&F, Sci
Fly Boxes
Bucktail Pieces, Large Bucktails
Looking Up the Bucktail Wall
Saltwater Bucktails, Jumbo Bucktails, Skunk Tails
Looking Down the Bucktail Wall
IFly, Scotty, Ram
Rod Holders
Lead, Lead Free, Lagartun, Ultra Wire
Uni 3/0, Uni 6/0, Uni 8/0, Monofilament, Kevlar, GSP, Floss, Benecchi, Tinel
Thread Racks
Sale Books, TV for Classes, Rod Wrapping Thread
TV for Classes, Sale Books,
Rod Wrapping Thread
PacBay, Struble, Bellinger, AmTac, REC
Reel Seats & Inserts
FlexCoat, U40
Rod Building Glues, Etc
Cork Rings, Grips, Butts, Guides
Cork & Guides